A toy programming language written in Typescript

npm i -g bhailang


Shandaar bhai 🎉


Bhailang is dynamically typed toy programming language, based on an inside joke, written in Typescript.

hi bhai is the entrypoint for the program and all program must end with bye bhai. Anything outside of it will be ignored.
This will be ignored

hi bhai
// Write code here
bye bhai

This too
Variables can be declared using bhai ye hai.
hi bhai
  bhai ye hai a = 10;
  bhai ye hai b = "two";
  bhai ye hai c = 15;
  a = a + 1;
  b = 21;
  c *= 2;
bye bhai
Numbers and strings are like other languages. Null values can be denoted using nalla. sahi and galat are the boolean values.
hi bhai
  bhai ye hai a = 10;
  bhai ye hai b = 10 + (15*20);
  bhai ye hai c = "two";
  bhai ye hai d = 'ok';
  bhai ye hai e = nalla;
  bhai ye hai f = sahi;
  bhai ye hai g = galat;
bye bhai
Use bol bhai to print anything to console.
hi bhai
  bol bhai "Hello World";
  bhai ye hai a = 10;
    bhai ye hai b = 20;
    bol bhai a + b;
  bol bhai 5, 'ok', nalla , sahi , galat;
bye bhai
Bhailang supports if-else-if ladder construct , agar bhai block will execute if condition is sahi, otherwise one of the subsequently added nahi to bhai blocks will execute if their respective condition is sahi, and the warna bhai block will eventually execute if all of the above conditions are galat.
hi bhai
  bhai ye hai a = 10;
  agar bhai (a < 20) {
   bol bhai "a is less than 20";
  } nahi to bhai ( a < 25 ) {
   bol bhai "a is less than 25";
  } warna bhai {
   bol bhai "a is greater than or equal to 25";
bye bhai
Statements inside jab tak bhai blocks are executed as long as a specified condition evaluates to sahi. If the condition becomes galat, statement within the loop stops executing and control passes to the statement following the loop. Use bas kar bhai to break the loop and agla dekh bhai to continue within loop.
hi bhai
  bhai ye hai a = 0;
  jab tak bhai (a < 10) {
   a += 1;
   agar bhai (a == 5) {
    bol bhai "andar se bol bhai ", a;
    agla dekh bhai;
   agar bhai (a == 6) {
    bas kar bhai;
   bol bhai a;
  bol bhai "done";
bye bhai